Hippo heap table is organized as a Log-Structured Merge-Tree (“LSM-Tree”). When performing large amount of delete or update operations, users can use below command to compact heap table manually to improve performance.

result = self._hc.analyze_database(table_name = self._table_name, database_name = self._database_name) 


This method returns True if it succeeds. Otherwise, “ValueError” exception will be raised.

Parameter description:

table_name (str)Table nameYes
is_update (bool)Whether to rebuild index informationYes, defaults to False
column_names (list)Column list to check statistics informationYes, defaults to empty; only takes effect when is_update is set to False
database_name (str)Database where the table is locatedNo, defaults to "default" database
wait_for_completion (bool)Whether to wait until this job is doneNo, defaults to True
timeout (str)Operation timeout, in secondsNo, defaults to "10m"
Table 100 Statistics (Python API)