Grant Privilege

This chapter shows how to grant privilege to the user.

curl -u shiva:shiva -XPOST "localhost:8902/hippo/v1/_security/acl/{user_name}?pretty" -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d'
  "table_name": "book",
  "database_name" : "default",
  "privileges": ["all"]


  "acknowledged" : true

Parameter description:

user_nameUser to whom will be granted privilegesYes
table_nameTable to be granted privilegesNo, grants privileges on database if not specified
database_nameDatabase where the table is locatedNo, defaults to "default" database
privilegesPrivileges, including “create”, “access”, “all”Yes
Table 42 Grant Privilege (Restful API)


Kindly note

If “table_name” is specified, it represents that the privileges will be granted to the user on this target table. If not, the privileges will be granted on database, thus the “database_name” must be specified.