Full-text Search

Hippo supports full text search in version 1.2, which is compatible with the grammar of Elastic Search 6.7.2 and reuses some features of Transwarp Scope. This feature enables users to create, query and use full-text indexes via Hippo HTTP Server interface in Java / HTTP Restful format. With this feature, users can perform hybrid search on vector and full-text. By combining vector retrieval with full-text retrieval, the probability of missed and false alarms can be reduced, achieving higher precision than using vectors or full-text alone. At the same time, deploying a single database system can avoid the problems of complex architecture and high development and operation costs associated with deploying multiple systems.

The specific usage method, except for adjusting the port from 8902 to 8902, can be referred to Transwarp Scope User Manual: Chapter 4: Introduction to Transwarp Scope API.