Get TableClient


Kindly note

  1. When creating a table or performing CRUD operations on an existing table, “TableClient” must be created first so that users can proceed with the following operations.

  2. There are two methods to get “TableClient”:

    • For the table to be created:

      In current session, users create a table via “create_table” API. This operation will return a “TableClient”, and with this, users can perform CRUD operations on this newly created table.

    • For an existing table:

      In a new session, users can get table information via “get_table” API, which will also return a “TableClient”. With this, users can continue to perform CRUN operations on this existing table.

table = hc.get_table("table_name", "database_name")


This method will return a HippoTable object containing information about the specified table. If no information is found, None will be returned.

Parameter description:

table_name (str)Table to be obtainedYes
database_name (str)Database where the table is createdNo, defaults to "default" database
Table 59 Get TableClient (Python API)