Federated Query between Multiple Tables

mutil_res = hc.multi_search("zdc_test_float*", database_name, ["text"], "vector", 2, [[1, 1]])  


This method returns a list including returned results.

Parameter description:

patternTable nameYes
database_name (str)Database where the table is locatedYes
output_fields (list)Vector field list to be returnedYes
search_field (str)Field name to be searchedYes
topk (int)Return recordsYes
vectors (list)Vector list to be searchedYes
round_decimal (int)Decimal number to be returnedYes, defaults to 2
only_explain (bool)Whether to execute only_explainYes, defaults to False
**paramsOther parametersYes

Table 113 Federated Query between Multiple Tables