Recover from Snapshot

Users can recover the Hippo table from any snapshots.

curl -u shiva:shiva -XPOST 'localhost:8902/hippo/v1/_backup/restore?pretty' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d'{  
  "warehouse_name" : "test_warehouse",  
  "snapshot_name" : "test_snapshot",  
  "database_name" : "default",  
  "table_name" : "book_restore",  
  "override" : false,  
  "wait_for_completion" : true,  
  "timeout" : "2m"  

Parameter description:

nameSnapshot nameYes, target snapshot for recovery
warehouse_nameReplication warehouse nameYes
database_name (str)Database where the table is locatedNo, defaults to "default" database
table_nameTable nameYes
overrideWhether to override when target table already existsNo, defaults to false
wait_for_completion (bool)Whether to wait until this job is doneNo, defaults to True
timeout (str)Operation timeout, in secondsNo, defaults to "5m"

Table 73 Recover from Snapshot (Restful API)